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Why do MoneyGeeks only work online?

The short answer is: so that you can save money.

Traditional financial advice is expensive, and it costs a financial planner $2500 to $3500 on average just to create a “Statement of Advice”... before they even add on their profit margin.

But since we don’t have the expenses that come with renting office space, our operating costs are much lower. We communicate with you via email — so you can deal with us any time, from anywhere, and you’ll always have a record of your conversations. Doing that helps us keep costs low… and we pass those savings straight to you.

Why do you say most advisors are not always acting in my best interest?

Most financial planners are “aligned” with an institution (usually the big 4 banks or AMP) that make their own financial products such as superannuation, insurance policies and managed funds. Those institutions can influence financial planners to offer you financial advice, products, and services that they want you to buy.

In other words, they want to sell you their own stuff even if it’s not the right fit for your personal financial situation. ASIC studies have found that this makes it a stunning six times more likely they’ll give you advice so bad it’s illegal.

On the other hand, at MoneyGeeks, we only serve you.

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How much do you charge?

While we’d like to give you an upfront figure, it does depend on your situation.

Yes, we know that sounds like a cop-out. But here’s why: your financial situation might be fantastic — meaning we hardly have to do anything for you — or it might be complex and difficult. Without talking to you, we don’t know, so we could be overcharging you if we just made up a number.

That’s why we have our GeekPeek: a no-obligation, 100% free look at your financial situation — and then our honest, plain-dollar quote of what we think it’d cost to get things sorted. The final choice is yours.

You can get your own GeekPeek for free by clicking here.

Doesn’t being “affordable” mean your services are low-quality?

Absolutely not! Actually, here’s something that might blow your mind:

The ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) recently completed a study that showed no correlation between the price of financial advice and its quality.

In other words, it’s official that “you get what you pay for” is absolutely, totally wrong in this industry. If you’re quoted a very high figure… turn and run the other way.

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I already have a financial planner who I’m happy with. Why should I talk to you?

Want to know something scary?

An independent review of advice given by financial planners showed that only 3% of their advice could even be classified as “good”.

In other words… there’s a 97% chance that the advice your financial planner is giving you is NOT considered “good” advice.
Think of it this way. If there was even just a 50% chance that your doctor was giving you a terrible wrong diagnosis, wouldn’t you want a second opinion?

It’s the same thing with your finances. And since our GeekPeek is completely free, you have absolutely nothing to lose by at least talking to us.

Why do you need to see so much financial information in order to give me financial advice?

We want to make absolutely sure that the financial advice we’re giving you is rock solid and reliable, so you aren’t caught off-guard by unexpected issues.

Australia’s financial system is pretty complicated. Certain things that may seem insignificant on the surface can actually cause major headaches if not properly dealt with.

Giving proper financial advice is completely dependent on having as much information as possible about your finances. Studies show that if poor or insufficient financial information is given, 94% of the resulting advice will also be “poor”.

We’re also required by law to have thorough financial information (legislation 961(2)(g) of the Corporations Act).

What makes MoneyGeeks qualified to give me financial advice?

Exceptional Financial Planning Pty Ltd (trading as MoneyGeeks) and Jack Tideswell (HeadGeek) are Authorised Representatives of MCA Financial Planners Pty Ltd.

MCA Financial Planners has decades of providing quality financial services.

What is the best way to get in touch with MoneyGeeks?

The best way for you to talk to us is through email, since we can keep records of our conversations.

But if you’d like to talk to us on the phone and get to know us better, that’s OK too!

Just head to our contact page, and you can arrange for a MoneyGeek to give you a call.

Do you take kickbacks or charge me hidden fees?

No. We only ever charge an up-front fee, and we’ll never take any kickbacks or charge you hidden fees.

You’ll see every dollar you pay us, out in the open. That’s in contrast to a financial planner, where the fees are built into the products they recommend you.

The best part? Often, you’ll be able to pay for our advice though your super fund — so it won’t even come out of your day-to-day cashflow.

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