How to make your money work better for you

How to make your money work better for you

Is your money bludging on the job?

If you’ve ever considered investing, that’s one of the most important questions you can possibly ask.

Why? Well, imagine you owned a business and you hired an employee to work for you.

After a year, you did a review of his performance, and what you found shocked you:

  • You were paying him too much for what he does
  • He lied on his resume in the first place
  • And the 'trustworthy' guy who suggested you hire him is actually taking a cut of his income.

What would you do?

If you’d fire him then you’d be right.

That’s exactly what your money’s doing for you if you’re getting bad investment advice!

After all, you’re paying investment fees for the privilege of investing. 

The vast majority of investment managers tell you they can beat the market, yet the staggering majority of them consistently fail to do it. Worst of all, you’re paying commissions on top for the privilege of all this bad advice!

So, while you’re working hard every day to earn your money, it's bludging when it comes to working for you which means you can’t enjoy real financial freedom.

But What If It Didn’t Have To Be That Way?

Imagine if, rather than always worrying about working for your money while it slept on the jobou had the financial security of knowing your money was working HARD for you.

What would that look like?

  • Would it be not having to worry about the mortgage?
  • Being able to take a holiday when you wanted one?
  • Being able to send your kids to a good school?
  • Being able to retire when you want, not when the government tells you you can?

Whatever your goal is, knowing how to make your money work PROPERLY for you is the single most important step you can take to reach it and the best way to make your money work properly for you is to wisely invest it.

That’s because Investing has proven time and time again to be the most reliable way of building long-term wealth. 

Now, because investing isn’t something that most Australians are taught, many people think it’s complicated. Or even worse, their ideas on how to invest are just plain wrong. That’s why a lot of Aussies end up making poor investment choices often sold to them on bad financial advice or they make the equally big mistake of not investing at all and missing out on one of the best wealth-building opportunities available.

The truth is, investing doesn’t need to be that complex!

In fact, the best forms of investment are actually the ones that involve the least work, but the thing is, a lot of financial planners and investment fund managers want you to THINK investing is complicated so you’ll pay them to manage your investments for you. They make a handy commission by taking fees out of your wealth whether you’re making money or not.

At MoneyGeeks, we think that’s just plain wrong.

We believe everyone should have the chance to know how to make their money work for them.

We believe you shouldn't have to pay ridiculous fees to someone else to do it. We want to give you the confidence of being able to invest and knowing you’re doing the right thing when you do.

So that’s why we created the MoneyGeeks Investment Service.

What Does Our Investment Service Do For You?

In our Investment Service, one of our MoneyGeeks will work with you to calculate exactly the amount of investment risk you need to reach your goals. Our philosophy is why take risk if you don’t have to? We’ll determine how much you need to invest and based on that, recommend the best investment for your situation.

Throughout it all, we’ll be totally open and honest about WHY we recommend it, so you’re never in the dark.

If you use our Investment Service, you will get:

  • Peace of mind knowing you’re in control of your money
  • A valuable understanding of how investing works so you’re protected from being ripped off in future
  • The confidence that you’re protected from inappropriate risk (so your savings don’t get wiped out)
  • A plan to help you reach your financial goals, whatever they are

Who Is It For?

At MoneyGeeks, we truly believe all Australians could benefit from learning how to invest. But unlike many financial planners, we won’t try and push you into something you’re not comfortable doing.

That means our Investment Service is best for you if:

a) You’ve never invested before, but you want to try; or

b) You’re already an investor, and you’d like to know any of the following:

  • Am I being ripped off with my current investments?
  • Am I paying any taxes or fees that I don’t need to?
  • Am I getting the most value out of my invested dollars?
  • Should I be investing in property?

Get Started Investing For Free

Want to see if our Investing Service can help you?

The easiest way for you to find out is to get a GeekPeek, our free, special financial check-up that will look at all areas of your financial health and tell you exactly where the problems are.

You’ll get a custom report on where the problems are, what you could get by fixing them and whether that’s through investing or otherwise.

Best of all, it’s totally free and no-obligation.

If you’d like to book your own GeekPeek, just go here or for any other enquiries contact us at and a MoneyGeek will get back to you ASAP.

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  • A GeekPeek is a free, special financial check-up that will look at all areas of your financial health and tell you exactly where the problems are.
  • You'll get a custom report on your finances and where the problems are and what you could get by fixing them.
  • And best of all, it's totally free and no-obligation. You can even keep the report if you want.
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