How to make the most of your savings in retirement

How to make the most of your savings in retirement

What you have now is pretty much all you’ll ever have.

You're only a few years away from retirement, what do you do now?

The way you answer that question can determine the whole course of your retirement.

See, as you near retirement, you realise something that most people never give a second thought to:

Once the money you have is gone your ability to make choices is gone too.

If your savings run out, you're forced to rely on the Age Pension which means that you're at the mercy of the Government. They can change the rules on you any time they like.

What could that look like?

Well, imagine you were a retiree relying on the Age pension and like millions of others around the country, you opened the paper one morning to read the headline that makes your blood run cold: 300,000+ Retirees To Lose Entitlements Under New Age Pension Laws .

Just like that, your financial freedom could change drastically You wouldn't even have the slightest bit of control.

Does this sound far-fetched? Well, it's not. This is a real scenario that hundreds of thousands of retirees around Australia experienced not too long ago.

If you don't know what to do with the money you've saved up it could happen to you.

So, what can you do about it? Well, if you're like most people you might decide to see a financial planner and pay thousands of dollars on getting a plan drawn up. It sounds reasonable, doesn't it? But that can be a big mistake and can expose you to serious, irreversible risks.

Here's why. 

The Hidden Risk Most Financial Planners Won't Tell You About

The problem with 'standard' financial plans and retirement calculators is that they ignore one serious risk with devastating consequences.

For people who are 20, 30 or even 40 years away from retirement, it's possible to go through big drops in the market and still survive. As long as they keep putting in their superannuation contributions, and don't take any money out, the long-term effect is that they come out on top. The ups tend to cancel out the downs over time.

But when you're in retirement and relying on your super to survive it's a very different story.

When your superannuation is your only income, you don't have the option of 'taking nothing out'.

You have to eat and pay the bills after all, and you can't put any more money in. That means that if the market goes down in the first 10 years of your retirement it can be a crushing blow to your portfolio and it may not recover. Ever.

This is called “sequence of return risk”

It's a risk that's ignored by most people including financial planners.

You see, most calculations only ever focus on the average returns of your portfolio and completely ignore the possibility of a downturn which could devastate your balance.

What does that mean for you?

Well, if you go to see a financial planner, or use a 'retirement calculator' to estimate how long your super balance will last the number you get can be very deceiving. In fact, some calculators can tell you there's a 90%+ chance of success when in reality, there could be a 40% chance your money won't last!

That means that you could pay a fortune in planning fees for a plan that could be incredibly risky, without you even knowing it.

Sadly, hundreds of thousands of soon-to-be retirees like you will do this every year and risk losing their financial freedom just years into their retirement.

But you don't have to because for the first time, we're offering a retirement planning service designed to tame your risk, lower your taxes, and give you the financial security you deserve.

What Does Our Retirement Planning Service Do For You?

With our Retirement Service, one of our MoneyGeeks will work with you to answer the simple question: “What should I do now?”

Our goal is to give you the best possible plan for making sure you never have to give up your choices in retirement.

Unlike most other retirement plans, we don't ignore the sequence of return risk. Instead, we calculate literally 10,000 possibilities for your portfolio's returns and painstakingly test every single one to see if it would last your retirement. This means one of the most comprehensive tests on the market to show you exactly how bulletproof your financial strategy is and where it could use tightening up.

After we do that, we'll help you work out exactly what kind of fund would suit your circumstances to get you the lowest fees and the lowest risk we think you could likely have,  and we'll do all the work to help you move into it.

We'll help you reduce your tax as much as possible, so you keep as much of your money as you can. In some cases, we've even been able to reduce taxes to 0%. We'll teach you the strategies the world's most successful investors use to navigate even the most troubling market downturns without making panicked decisions.

When you use our Retirement Service, you get:

  • peace of mind knowing you're in control of your money and your retirement
  • knowledge that you have choices available
  • confidence to stay calm during market volatility and secure the best possible outcome for yourself

Who Is It For?

The MoneyGeeks Retirement Service is designed for soon-to-be retirees from the ages of 50-65 who aren't sure of their financial position, want to know what they have and how to make the best of it.

So, if you've ever wondered:

  • What kind of retirement products are available to you?
  • How you should be investing your retirement savings to get the most out of them?
  • What kind of income you can realistically expect to get?

Or even if you've ever thought any of these things:

  • “This is all we have, it's not a lot, but it's all we have.”
  • “This is it, we're not going to earn more.
  • “If things go bad, we can't earn it back.”

Then this service is for you.

The best part is, as with all our services, you can try it with no risk and no cost.

Start Your Retirement Planning For Free

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