How make sure your protected without being ripped off

How make sure your protected without being ripped off

Ever wondered what your family would do if something happened to you?

If your family trusts you to provide for them, you probably have and it can be pretty scary to think about. 

After all, you work to pay the bills, to put food on the table, to provide a roof over their heads.

But what if one day something happened to you?

Actually try to imagine that scenario. Without you, what would your family do?

How would they keep the lights on? Who would have to work to pay off the mortgage? How would they afford to put the kids through school?

Frankly, it's terrifying to imagine. Even though we know we "should" have life insurance to protect against this most of the time, we still don't because it's not as simple as it sounds, right?

If you're like most people, you've probably thought along these lines...

"It's OK, it probably won't happen to me, right?"

"I'll definitely get life insurance, but I'm just a little busy this week. I'll take a look at it later."

"I'd like to get life insurance, but I have no idea where to even start. Search Google? See a financial advisor?"

"I can't decide between all these options. How do I know I'll actually pick one that covers me?"

Sound familiar? No matter what stage you're at, there always seems to be some reason to put it off.

But it gets worse. Even if you get past all those barriers and you decide to take out a life insurance policy...

You'll pay far too much for what you get!

Here's how selling insurance usually works.

Most insurance policies are sold to you by financial planners or insurance brokers. What you don't normally see is that when they recommend a policy they don't really have your best interests at heart. Because in return for selling that policy they get a commission, a kickback, on the price of the policy.

And the commission they charge is crazy!

In our experience, we've seen some brokers charge up to 120% commission on top of your insurance fee plus an ongoing 10% every year you renew the policy.

In other words, your policy could end up costing you up to 40% more for exactly the same thing.

So at the end of the day, not only are you overwhelmed with a bunch of options, and unsure if your policy properly covers your family, you're paying far too much.

It's no wonder most of us just put it off instead.

But what if there was a better way?

What if, rather than having to put it off because it was too complex there was a way to get insurance that was simple and easy, where someone else took care of it for you?

What if, rather than wondering how to find a policy that really covered you that person was an expert who could tell you exactly what you needed?

And what if, rather than paying ridiculous hidden fees he was on YOUR side and was truly looking for the best policy for you?

Well, that's exactly the kind of service we've created.

What Does Our Commission-Free Insurance Service Do For You?

Put simply, this service protects you from the unexpected.

We look at what you'd want to happen financially if something were to go wrong, like sickness or death.

For example, maybe you'd want to be able to pay your mortgage off for your wife and kids, as well as replace your income until your youngest child is financially independent at 21.

We calculate how much you'd need to do that, and turn it into a lump sum. Then we find the best policy to provide it. Unlike the VAST of financial advisors, we don't charge you a commission for this and because we're not aligned with any one group, we can often find you options most financial advisors won't.

Both these things mean you will save a lot of money, sometimes up to half of the cost. Yes, you read that right, up to half the cost.

Frankly, giving up our commission is a huge financial sacrifice and most people don't do it. But we do, because we truly want you to get the best policy.

And finally, we help you set the policy up, so it's as easy as possible for you.

What Kinds Of Policies Can We Help With?

Our Insurance Service helps with personal insurance, where you're the one being insured (instead of, say, your house or car).

That means we can help with:

  • Life Insurance (Pays out if you were to die. Useful if you have kids or debt)
  • Total & Permanent Disability Insurance (Pays out if you suffer illness or injury that leaves you totally disabled)
  • Income Protection (Pays out if you can't work for a long period of time, for whatever reason)
  • Trauma Insurance (Pays out if you're diagnosed with any of a specific list of medical problems)

Don't stress, we can help you determine which one's best for you.

Who Our Insurance Service Is For?

Our Insurance Service is most popular with people who have young families with children and debt to be taken care of if anything happens to them.

It's also useful for older people who have insurance that's getting too expensive to manage.

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  • A GeekPeek is a free, special financial check-up that will look at all areas of your financial health and tell you exactly where the problems are.
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