Need honest financial advice,

but don’t know who to trust?

Try MoneyGeeks - the fully-qualified financial professionals who quote you a flat fee, up front, every time.

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No kickbacks, no games, no hidden fees - just good, honest financial advice.

Getting financial help should be easy, right?

So why is it so difficult to find advice you can trust?

The problem is, most advisors are aligned with financial institutions. That means they’re not always acting in your best interests - so you could be recommended products that aren't right for you, or charged lots of money for bad advice.

In fact, a professional independent study reported a terrifying fact: 97% of the advice given by financial advisors can’t even be considered "good".

So, what can you do?

That's where we come in.

Introducing MoneyGeeks: Financial advice without the strings attached

MoneyGeeks are an online group of fully qualified financial professionals… without the hidden costs of 'traditional' financial advice.

Here’s five things we can give you that you won’t find anywhere else:

Reason 1 to use MoneyGeeks


At MoneyGeeks we aren't required by financial institutions to sell you their products. Your best interest is our best interest.

Financial Advice That's Actually "Good".

Only 3% of financial guidance given by financial advisors is considered "good". We want to make sure our financial guidance is excellent. That's why every one of our MoneyGeeks is degree qualified and legally authorised to help you with your finances.

Reason 2 to use MoneyGeeks
Reason 3 to use MoneyGeeks

We Care About Your Financial Wellbeing.

We started MoneyGeeks because we don't want people to be taken advantage of. We want to offer you a reliable, trustworthy alternative.

No Hidden Fees.

Unlike most financial advisors, we give you a flat-rate quote upfront, and then stick to it. We'll never surprise you with unexpected fees.

Reason 4 to use MoneyGeeks
Reason 5 to use MoneyGeeks

Lower Rates For You.

We operate entirely online, which means we save on bricks-and-mortar expenses. And we pass those savings on to you - so you're paying less for the same (well, better) advice.

MoneyGeeks can help you.

We offer five services that cover almost anything you could want help with financially. Just click one to learn more.

Not sure what you need help with? No problem. That’s why we offer a completely free GeekPeek to help you figure that out.

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  • A GeekPeek is a free, special financial check-up that will look at all areas of your financial health and tell you exactly where the problems are.
  • You'll get a custom report on your finances and where the problems are and what you could get by fixing them.
  • And best of all, it's totally free and no-obligation. You can even keep the report if you want.
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